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Enhancement & University Prep Courses

Educational Enhancement Opportunities

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Public Speaking

Thinking of becoming an actor? Do you need to improve your oral presentation skills? Could you benefit from learning the psychology of body language and its application to speaking persuasively and with extraordinary proficiency? Then this course is for you!

U.K. Law School Preparation

Are you finishing high school soon and thinking of becoming a lawyer? Do you want to become a lawyer and save at least three years of your youthful life? Then this course is for you! Get in touch with our legal experts to enlighten you on how you can become a lawyer in Canada by traveling abroad immediately after high school!

School LIbrary
Graduation Caps

University Preparation

Do you want to go to college or university but don't know what to expect? Do you feel overwhelmed with the lack of clarity on the expectations? Could you use the benefit of having former university professors prepare you for your first year? Then this course is for you! Get in touch with our experts!

Advanced Language Arts & Communication

This program is designed for bright or advanced students, grades 5-9, who want to take their reading comprehension and writing mechanics skills to the next level! This class focuses on a structured vocabulary development program, in addition to an advanced writing mechanics component.

Outdoor Study Group
Adult Students

SAT/ACT Prep Course

This course is designed for students looking to begin their post-secondary journey in the United States of America. If you are an athlete being prospected for a scholarship, or you just know the USA is where you want to go after high school, then this preparation course is for you!

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